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14K White Topaz and Spinel dangle earring

14K White Topaz and Spinel dangle earring


* Hand made

* Material: 14K yellow gold

* Gemstone: 16 x 6MM White Topaz

* Gemstone: 3MM pastel color Spinel beads

* Length:  2 1/2"


Bomie Fun Fact:

White Topaz brings energies of peace, love, hope, and inspiration. It expands knowledge and thoughts and boosts self-confidence allowing personal growth.


Spinel is an optimistic gemstone  bringing happiness and a sense of appreciation to all the good things in life. It is revitalizing and re-energizing and known to drag out feelings of anxiety.  This stone boosts self confidence, determination and tenacity in  tackling difficult situations and getting through hard times. 


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