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14K Cushion Dalmation Quartz pendant

14K Cushion Dalmation Quartz pendant


* Material: 14K yellow gold 

* Gemstone: 23 x 19MM Dalmation Quartz

* Note:  Open bale, removable to be worn on any chain or necklace desired.


Bomie Fun Fact...

Dalmatian Quartz is a unique crystal that helps pursue goals and provide the necessary tools needed along the journey.  It raises the confidence level and brings it to the forefront, showing that you are fully in control of your life path.  The drive that radiates from this crystal will provide an overwhelming sense of urgency to accomplish all your dreams.  This stone says that you have a voice and it's important.  It will help disconnect negative energies that stunt personal growth. This stone guides one to listen to the inner consciousness allowing the soul to speak

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