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18K Rhodolite Garnet Diamond motion necklace

18K Rhodolite Garnet Diamond motion necklace

SKU: P1005-WRG


* Material: 18K white gold pendant

* Gemstone:  Rhodolite Garnet 3.88CT

* Gemstone:  Diamond .03CT

* Dimension of Gold pendant: 7/8" L x 1/2"W


Bomie Fun Fact...

Rhodolite resembles pomegranate seeds, since both are eternal both are love symbols. This type of Garnet empowers you to achieve what your heart desires while boosting confidence and sexuality. It activates the base, the crown, and the heart chakras, and is used to cleanse and reinvigorate all chakras.


Diamonds have been associated with health, representing long life and heart health. They bestow clarity and rationality on the wearer and promise lasting romance. Diamonds promote inner peace, representing harmony and beauty within. Diamonds are said to represent the perfect form of an individual’s mental state, inspiring the wearer to strive for positivity and joy.

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