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14K Unheated Violet Sapphire Diamond ring

14K Unheated Violet Sapphire Diamond ring


* Material: 14K white gold

* Gemstone: Pastel Violet Unheated Sapphire, 0.75ct

* Gemstone: Diamond E/VS, 0.16ct

* Size: 6 1/2


* SPECIAL ORDER for other sizes and colors.


Bomie Fun Fact...

Pink Sapphires are known to symbolize spiritual knowledge and good fortune. This stone allows on to power through hardships, experience intense love and possess compassion. The color pink brings subtle elegance. The vibrant colors has become quite popular for engagement rings as many modern weddings trend towards blush and baby pink color schemes.


Diamonds have come to primarily symbolize eternal love. Strength and invincibility is represented by this unbreakable stone.

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