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14K Iolite Ombré dangle earring

14K Iolite Ombré dangle earring


* Material: 14K white gold

* Gemstone: Iolite bead

* Length:  2 "



Bomie Fun Fact...

Iolite is known as the 'Vikings' Compass' and carries the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination.  Iolite gems are believed to help one see, imagine and allow the self to fully experience things.  With this stone, your inner journey can be expanded as can your intuitive gifts.  It also gives clearer vision and helps to achieve emotional distance when needed to process challenging life situations allowing one to be more discerning, to act on intuition, and to recognize insights.  This stone helps one to trust the inner self and listen to the heart and mind. 

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